Looking After Your BOLDCUBE® Product

Did you know all BOLDCUBE products come with a 6 month manufacturer warranty? Although our scooters are built to withstand hours of fun by our BOLDCUBE Riders around the world, there are times when our products may develop a fault. But with 85% of parts being replaceable,and many problems can be easily and quickly resolved simply by tightening a screw or replacing a bolt. 

There's nothing we can't do to revitalise your scooter and avoid landfill!


To Make A Warranty Claim

All BOLDCUBE® products come with a 6-month manufacturer warranty and if your product develops an operation fault that cannot be fixed then you can make a claim in-line with the procedure below.

  1. Provide Photos/Videos – please take a photo/video of the faulty part or area in question
  2. Email Us – email your photos and a description of your issue to info@boldcube.co.uk or click here
  3. Support – someone from the team will respond to your query within 24 hours

We aim to ensure our BOLDCUBE riders receive an efficient and caring after-care experience and will look to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, whilst being considerate of the environment and minimising.


Please Note

Damage Due To Improper Use

BOLDCUBE® products should always be used in accordance with the guidance set out in the specific product instruction manual. Damage resulting from improper use is not covered under our warranty and issues arising from such use may result in a reduced or refused warranty claim.

Natural Wear And Tear

BOLDCUBE® products by their nature have parts that naturally experience wear and tear over time, this wear and tear is not covered under warranty claims. These parts include the following: Wheels, Bearings, Brakes, Handlebar Grips and/or Deck Veneers.

Issues Outside of Warranty

When a customer is not able to provide a proof of purchase and/or the problem occurs outside the warranty period, BOLDCUBE reserves right to charge a service fee and/or a charge for spare parts and/or a return freight. BOLDCUBE reserves right to determine the price of these services.