1. How does the height adjustable system work?

The scooter stem height is adjustable via the 5 button system, which is easy for both children and adults to operate and locks securely. Additionally, we have the usual clasp and close mechanism, which allows for all heights in between

2. Does the scooter come with a guarantee/warranty?

Each scooter comes with 6 months warranty which is extendable to 12 months for a small fee

3. I’m buying for my 7 year old, how do I know if it would suit?

Please have a look at our height guidance infographic which shows suitable child's’ height range. If you're still not 100%, reach out to us directly we'd be more than happy to guide you.

4. How do you turn the scooter?

Our 3 wheeler is designed with a lean to steer system. With lean to steer you don’t try and turn the handlebars (as you would a bike), you stand on the scooter with both hands and lean in the direction you want. The method is similar to surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding, and is more intuitive to younger children than steering with the handlebars. Helping them build confidence with balancing.

5. Does the scooter light up?

Yes! Both, front and rear wheels have inbuilt motion activated flashing lights. Perfect for keeping an eye on your child during winter rides home.

6. Does the scooter require assembly?

Yes, there’s a quick 2 step assembly process demonstrated in the infographic in the instructions manual. This is another step we’ve taken to shave off a few £££ off the retail price, without harming the product quality.