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Teaching your kid to learn how 

to scoot confidently

What to look for when buying a 

helmet for your child

Scooter MOTs, maintenance 

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Kids Scooter Buying Guide: All the Details to Consider

by Chloe James

How to Choose a Scooter for your Child

The gift of movement is such a pivotal and important step in a child’s early life. I still fondly remember what mobility meant for me at 2 years old with my roller, 10 with my first scooter and, even 20 when I learnt how to drive, each experience giving more freedom and independence than the last.

Whether you are just beginning the search for your child’s first ever scooter or whether you are looking for the next set of wheels in your child’s scooting journey, BOLDCUBE has a kick scooter for you.  It can appear overwhelming when looking at the options available, but have no fear, here is a step by step guide to help you select the right scooter for you.

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